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The Billionaire Dragon's Secret Son (Howls Romance #10)(3)
Author: Harmony Raines

Poppy relaxed. She had done a grocery run like this every couple of weeks for the last couple of years, since she brought Charlie to the mountain. It would be fine. It was always fine.

And yet something prickled her senses, something that made her think today was going to be the exception to an otherwise perfect rule.

Pushing her paranoia aside—it was a side effect of her past, Poppy picked up her pace, the sled skidding along behind her. She knew this stretch of road well, knew all the places where she could scoot off the road if she needed to, and all the dense thickets she could hide in if there was a need. As she walked, she mentally checked them off; it was her thing, it made her feel safe. It was the same training that had enabled her to steal the Heartsfire Blade and get out of the house without George Lancaster seeing. And he had been watching. After they had sex, she had gone to the bathroom, picked the lock on the case, and pocketed the dagger.

When she went back to the room, she smiled and told him it had been fun.

That was when she had her first inkling that for George Lancaster sex with Poppy had not been for fun. Their intimate encounter meant more than that to him. His eyes spoke of possession. Well, she had no intention of being possessed, she was her own woman.

“Damn it,” Poppy said, as she looked up. Thinking of George Lancaster had made her lose her concentration.

“What is it, Mommy?” Charlie asked, picking up on the fear that raced through her body.

Poppy ducked off the road and slipped down along a well-used game trail, turning to put both hands on the sled to keep it upright as the weight of it crashed into her. Charlie shouted in fear, his eyes wide. Poppy put her finger to her lips, and he immediately quieted in a well-practiced routine.

The sled came to rest against a tree trunk. She heaved it back onto the game trail, and continued downwards, her mind racing. She had no comfort to offer Charlie as her mind ran through different scenarios of how this was going to play out.

She was certain they had not been seen. She was also certain their cabin would no longer be a safe sanctuary. Their quiet mountain life was at an end.

The choice before her was dire. She either went back on the run, or she gave herself over to the man who had made her steal the Heartsfire Blade in the first place. But he would try to use Charlie against her, and his father, once he knew who that was.

Which left her only one choice. There was one place Charlie would be safe. But safety would come at a terrible price. She hid her tears and said brightly to Charlie, “You know, it’s such a perfect day, why don’t we go on an adventure?”

“Yes!” he exclaimed happily.

Poppy’s mind was set. It was time to face up to her past, it was time to face up to George Lancaster.



Chapter Two – George

George Lancaster stalked across the underground parking lot to his car. It was late, and he wanted to get home and shower, and then… Then what? Fill the lonely hours until it was time to get up in the morning and live another day on repeat.

It was how he survived, how he buried his need for revenge. His need for her.

He could still taste her on his lips. If he closed his eyes, he almost believed he was buried inside her, making her cry out in pleasure as her climax hit her. He could still recall the softness of her skin, the scent of her… Every day he relived that night. Every day he swore he would find her.

And wring her perfect neck for stealing something so precious to his clan.

He took the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the car, glancing around the parking lot before he slipped inside his luxurious Mercedes. A status symbol, no more. The car, the house he slept in, all just possessions, bought through long hours of hard work. Just one of the many ways he had been made to prove himself over the years. Prove that he was strong, even if he had lost the symbol of the clan’s power.

But he’d get it back. He had amassed money, and that money enabled him to amass information. And he knew he was getting close to the truth. The truth of the whereabouts of the Heartsfire Blade, and the identity of the one who stole it. His latest clues indicated the Fireclaw Clan, and that was the lead his private investigators were following up.

“George!” a voice called out, and woke him from his dreams of revenge.

Kyle Northridge, great. “Kyle, what are you doing here?” George asked, keeping his voice friendly.

“I was in the building,” Kyle said, not offering any further explanation. He simply stood grinning at George with teeth that were so white, so perfectly straight, they must have cost his daddy thousands. And this was the future of the Blackclaw Clan.

George huffed. He suspected people thought the same of him when they thought back to him losing the Heartsfire Clan’s sacred blade. A blade that could do mortal damage to any dragon, no matter how thick their hide was.

“Good to see you,” George lied, and put his briefcase into his car.

“Off home?” Kyle asked, walking over.

“Yes,” George replied, sliding into his seat.

“You work too many hours, George. We should go out some time, get you a woman to keep your bed warm until that wayward mate of yours comes back.” Kyle nearly blinded George with a benevolent smile; at least, that was what Kyle was aiming for. But George knew Kyle had a reputation for getting under your skin, and making sure you owed him. If what George heard was true, a lot of dragons, from a lot of clans, owed Kyle.

“Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind,” George said.

“Good. Good.” Kyle patted the roof of George’s car as he pulled the door shut. George waved as he started the engine, he didn’t want to be rude… OK, so maybe he did. George did not need a man like Kyle Northridge sticking his nose into his business. Not now when he was on the brink of a breakthrough on locating the Heartsfire Blade, and restoring his clan’s standing in the dragon world. He reversed and drove out of the parking lot.

Duty. Loyalty. Honor. The very code his clan lived by. The irony that his mate was a thief who had no care for others was not lost on George.

George gripped the steering wheel tighter, until the whites of his knuckles showed. His dragon was stirring, and he knew why. All these thoughts of his mate always put him on edge. Soon he would have to leave the London and take a vacation to some remote destination where no one would notice a dragon flying at night. His clan owned a few such hideaways, but as the planet became more crowded, some of them were next to useless, unless it was a moonless night, or heavy clouds filled the sky.

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