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The Billionaire Dragon's Secret Son (Howls Romance #10)(9)
Author: Harmony Raines

“Poppy, that is not a request,” he said, and kicked the door open, while not taking his eyes off her.

Poppy stood her ground, but his unwavering stare made her realize this was not a battle she was going to win. With a sigh, she walked towards him, slipping past him into his bedroom. Her body heated up at the thought of what was going to happen between them. All those sleepless nights spent dreaming of his hands on her body, his mouth kissing her, tongue licking her… She blushed at those thoughts, a tremor of desire passing through her.

She wanted him. She could no more deny that knowledge than she could deny the love she felt for Charlie.

“Why did you come here?” George asked.

“I told you. We need your help.” She sighed. “We need your protection.”

“From who?” George asked.

There he had her. If she told him whom she was running from, she would also have to reveal whom she stole the dagger for. The whole shameful story would pour out of her mouth.

“You want me to protect you, but you won’t tell me who from?” George asked.

“Does it matter who it is?” she asked.

He snorted and turned away, shaking his head. “It does to me. And I thought you actually wanted to protect the child. But not as much as you want to protect yourself.” He turned back to her, his eyes flashing green. “Or do you protect a lover?”

“No,” she said hoarsely, full of shame. Shame for wanting to protect her brother from this man before her, despite the way he had betrayed her. And why? Because she had promised their parents she always would, and she hated breaking promises. Yet her loyalty was misplaced.

George raked his hand through his hair, and turned from her, heading out of the door. “Bathe, and then sleep. We will speak of this in the morning. I hope you use the time to think about whose side you are truly on. If not, I may have to think carefully about keeping you under the same roof as my son.”

His words cut her deeply. George Lancaster was going to make her choose. Her son and his father, or her brother. There would be no contest. Poppy was sure they both knew that.

The door closed behind him, and she stood in the middle of the room, listening to the sounds of the house. Then she went to the bathroom and filled the bath with hot water. She could not remember the last time she had sat in a bath full of water; on the mountain all water had to be carried from the water pump and heated on an open fire. She had soon got used to washing in minimal amounts of water.

But tonight, she was going to spoil herself. Poppy closed her eyes and let go of all her thoughts and fears. She would take everything as it came, one moment at a time.

Getting out of the bath, she dried herself off and went back into the bedroom, expecting to find him there. When he wasn’t, she experienced an inexplicable wave of disappointment.

Hoping he wouldn’t mind her borrowing his clothes, she went to his closet and took out a large T-shirt. With it nearly reaching her knees, and her damp hair hanging around her shoulders, she left the bedroom and tip-toed down the hallway to check on Charlie.

She stood in the doorway and listened to his breathing: it was so familiar, so comforting. Hoping she had made the right decision to come here, and still trying to figure out how her mountain refuge had been discovered, she padded back to George’s bedroom and slipped into his bed.

Sleep took her, but somewhere in her dreams, he was there, holding her tenderly. If only that could be her reality, instead of the man who looked at her as if she were the worst person on Earth.

Which, to him, she was.



Chapter Six – George

He’d risked being seen, and released his dragon to fly over the city. He’d climbed almost vertically to get above the scattered clouds, and then hid behind them, drifting along towards the coast before crossing out over the ocean and flying hard, wings flapping, heart pumping, lungs burning with the effort, but it had cleared his head and allowed him to put everything in perspective.

She was in his life. That was all that mattered. That and the child she had brought with her. No matter how much he wanted to force her to tell him everything, the look on her face told him it was not that easy. She had secrets, secrets that might put her or the boy in danger. He would give her time. Time to learn to trust him, time to figure out for herself what his motives were.

And what are our motives, his dragon asked.

To make another child with her. To make her want to stay. To make her want to be our mate forever.

His dragon soared higher and then turned to spin towards the water, pulling up at the last moment, the tips of his wings flicking spray up into the air. His dragon kept low, skimming the water, only rising back up into the clouds when he neared land.

He landed in the grounds of his mansion, and looked around. One thing he did need to find out from her was how the hell had she wound up in his bedroom. The walls were impenetrable, with motion sensors on top of sharp rock that jutted upwards. The gate was the only weak point, but no one had ever climbed over it before. What made it more surprising was that Poppy had managed to enter the house with a child in tow. A small child, who unless he had turned into a small dragon and flew, would not have been able to climb over the walls without her carrying him.

Stalking back to the house, he let himself in and reset the alarm. Tomorrow he would question her, and then put new measures in place to ensure no one else entered the grounds the same way. He sighed. Putting guards on patrol in the grounds might also have to be considered. It was something he had resisted, since it made flying as his dragon harder. But Poppy and Charlie’s safety was more important than nighttime flying.

His dragon reluctantly agreed. They were going to have to be careful until they figured out what was going on. He would also have to tread lightly around the investigation he had launched. George was certain this was what had triggered Poppy turning up in his bedroom today. He simply needed to put all the pieces together, and make her see that bringing down whoever was out to hurt her and Charlie should be the top of their priorities.

Walking quietly up the stairs, George mused over this thought. Charlie was obviously Poppy’s top priority, and yet she was unwilling to share any information with him that might lead him to the Heartsfire Blade. What would be so important to her that she would risk her son’s safety?

A promise, his dragon rumbled.

A promise? George asked.

She made us a promise, a promise that she won’t break, I’m certain.

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