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The Hotel (A Billionaire Seduction #1)(7)
Author: Lola Darling

His fingers tighten around my hips in response. “You taste so fucking good. Jesus.”

I’m mumbling something as I start to lose myself in the build of sweet, demanding pressure. It’s chasing me and with each swirl and stroke of his tongue, it runs faster… getting closer.

I realize I’m panting, please, please, please, and I’m torn between giving in to the release he’s offering, and making it stop. The intensity is out of control. I’m out of control as I thrash against the glass and hold him to me with desperate need. It’s scary, exhilarating, and I need it to end… I need him to make it stop, to make it better, to push me over.

To set me free.

Suddenly, he plunges two fingers up inside me, and thrusts them hard. The thick movement jacks the pleasure higher until I know I’m going to implode. Two thrusts, three and my body tenses, every nerve alive and waiting until my orgasm slams through me in a rush of pleasure.

“Oh my God,” I moan, and it’s so intense I try to pull away.

But Andrew doesn’t stop, he just presses me harder against the window to steady me as he works me through it, his lips and tongue flicking my tender clit and drawing out the ecstasy. Holy shit. It’s so good, I’m sure I’m going to pass out.

But suddenly, I’m in his arms. Andrew lifts me like I’m nothing, and walks slowly toward the bed, laying me down against the pillows. He begins to undress, those long fingers that had just given me so much pleasure working his buttons free. He sheds his shirt, revealing the strong, cut lines of his body. Damn, he’s ripped. Consumed with the need to touch him, I sit and reach for him but he stops me before I can get my hands on his body.

“Want to touch me, beautiful?”

“God, yes.”

He’s a work of art: his chest, his abs, and lower still… He releases his belt and pulls it free, meeting my gaze with a smoldering stare as he unfastens his pants and leaves them open.

“Your turn, sweetheart. Tell me how much you loved the way I made you come.”

I’m already on my knees, finding balance on the soft mattress as he stands before me. “I’d rather show you.” The sound of his zipper accompanies my words as I work it down. Fuck quid pro quo, I would happily do this just for the pleasure of touching his amazing body. The outline of his cock against white briefs makes my mouth actually water.

His hands slide into my hair, massaging my scalp and threading the strands between his fingers.

He pulls my hair with a sweet tug. “Suck me off, Julie. I want to feel that lush mouth of yours take me all the way in.”

I free him. He’s huge in my hand, thick and long and I’m momentarily stunned by his size. A bead of moisture glistens at his crown as I bring him to my lips. I swirl it with my tongue, relishing the intimacy as I take him into my mouth. Andrew groans, and the sound makes me even hotter. I want to drive him over the edge, show him just what he’s doing to me.

I run my tongue along the length of him, teasing at the tip before I take him all the way down. Finding a rhythm, my hand slips inside his pants to cup his balls. He inhales sharply. When I glance up, his eyes are clenched tight, his lower lip between his teeth.

His eyes flutter open and he sees me watching him. I pull back again, drawing him slowly out of my mouth, before swirling my tongue over his head, teasing him until he breaks.

“Enough fucking around,” Andrew growls. He yanks me off the bed and bends me over it, my elbows braced against the mattress. He lands another spank on my ass, then grips it possessively. “Damn, I need to feel that tight pussy milking me dry. Are you ready, sweetheart?” he demands.

My pussy clenches in answer. “Yes,” I gasp. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on.

I hear the sound of a condom packet being ripped open, then his hands are on me again, sliding over my ass and delving down between my trembling thighs. He strokes over my clit until I’m moaning. Then I feel him, nudging against me with his huge cock.

I expect him to be rough, possessive, but instead, he thrusts into me inch by thick, delicious inch.


I groan, amazed at how deep he’s surging, how he’s filling me all the way up.

Andrew braces himself over me, his breathing ragged in my ear. “Fuck,” he growls. “You’re so fucking tight.”

I clench around him in answer, using my inner muscles to squeeze his cock.

Andrew curses, then pulls out before slamming hard back into me.

I let out a cry of pleasure, and rock back to meet his thrust.

“Brace yourself, baby,” he demands. “I won’t go slow.”

I grab the sheets as he pounds into me again, so deep. So good. Increasing his pace, Andrew works me with long draws and fast thrusts, his girth rubbing my walls with exquisite sensation. Another orgasm starts to build and I don’t try to fight it this time.

“Yes!” Gripping the bed sheets, I’m lost to the tornado building deep between my thighs. “God, more, please!”

“As you command.”

I feel my cheeks part, and then his finger is there, delving, teasing at my ass. Holy shit! I’m too caught up in the incredible thrust of his cock to protest; the sensations all mingle in one incredible wave of pleasure.

“Come for me,” he orders, pounding deep inside me again. “I want you to come all over my cock.”

Slowly, his finger presses inside my ass as he thrusts. The dual sensation sends me over, the orgasm pulsing and pulling me toward mindless oblivion. His finger sinks deep as he rides me, his cock swelling, stretching me more.

With a moan, he comes. The pulse of his release is long, hot, his pelvis slamming against me, ratcheting every sensation. My mind goes blank, the room fuzzy. My body is lifted—I’m floating with the damn angels—softness under my body, warmth all around and I let go.

When I surface, I’m wrapped up in the bed sheet, Andrew asleep beside me on the bed. I blink, confused by the sunlight outside the windows.

Wait, what time is it?

With a bolt of panic, I sit up and look around to the clock on the nightstand. Five AM?! Dread uncurls in me. I fell asleep! My internship starts in two hours and I’m still naked, in bed with a man I don’t even know. Heart pounding, I look at him again, remembering how hard he made me come. How completely I surrendered control.

It was incredible. Sensual. Mind-blowing.

But it was all a lie.

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