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The Vincent Boys #2 - The Vincent Brothers(6)
Author: Abbi Glines

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying,” the waitress deadpanned.

Jewel opened her mouth to argue, no doubt, and I knew I needed to step in and stop her, before we all got thrown out.

“Just bring her a Diet Coke, please,” I told the waitress with an apologetic smile and then sent a warning glare over toward Jewel.

She harrumphed and crossed her arms over her chest in a pout. Luckily, she didn’t have much in the way of cle**age so Sawyer wasn’t leering down her shirt as she pushed her small boobs up with her ridiculous posture.

Everyone else ordered their drinks. Sawyer leaned down to whisper something to Jewel that made her giggle and I decided I needed to focus on the menu and just get through this. I don’t know why I’d hoped for anything different.

“You handled that well,” Ethan whispered, opening his menu beside me. I peeked over at him and smiled, “Thanks. It happens a lot.”

He grinned and studied his menu. I did the same.

Chapter Three


If the girl giggled one more time, I was going to rip off pieces of my napkin and shove it in my ears. Damn, she was annoying. When I’d first seen her I’d thought she could potentially distract me from Ashton tonight but I’d been so very wrong. All she was managing to do was get on my nerves. If her hand slid up my thigh one more time, I was going to end up shoving her toward Jake.

Soft laughter caught my attention and I turned my attention to Lana. She was smiling brightly at whatever Ethan was saying to her. He’d been talking to her in whispered tones throughout the entire meal. That was grating on my nerves as well. Ever since she sat down beside him, he’d taken up all her attention. It was as if the rest of us weren’t even at the damn table.

“Looks like she’s interested in your friend,” Jewel said, obviously noting where my attention was focused.

“Hmmm,” was my only response.

“How long have you known Lana?” she asked. I thought back to the days of her bright orange ponytails and skinny legs with knobby knees and realized she’d come a very long way. Those freckles that had once made her unattractive now somehow enhanced her looks.

“Since we were kids. I always used to have to take up for her with Ash and Beau. They tormented her.”

“Beau?” Jewel asked. Apparently, Lana didn’t talk much about Ashton to her friend. If she did, she’d know exactly who Beau was.

“My br—uh, cousin,” I replied.

Lana threw her head back and let out a real laugh this time. Not one she was trying to silence but one where she was thoroughly delighted about something and didn’t care who heard her. The long silky auburn locks brushed the edge of the table and I wondered how she’d react if I wrapped one of those locks around my finger.

“You think that’s funny, huh?” Ethan replied grinning like an idiot because he’d made her laugh so hard.

Lana nodded her head, reached out, and squeezed his arm. “Yes, I do. I’m sorry,” she replied, trying to keep the huge grin off her face.

Ethan’s body language said he didn’t mind at all as he leaned into her touch and began that damn whispering again. Those two were lost in their own little world.

“She isn’t normally good with guys. They make her nervous,” Jewel pointed out.

She didn’t look nervous to me. Although, I had to agree, the Lana I remembered was quiet and reserved. What had changed other than the fact she had gone from forgettable to gorgeous in a few short months?

Jake said something to Jewel and she turned her attention to him. Finally, I had some relief. Maybe she would grope his thigh now and leave mine alone.

Lana reached for her drink and her eyes met mine. She paused briefly then smiled at me. She really had a nice smile. And those freckles... damn they were cute.

“Enjoying your dinner?” I asked.

She snuck a peek over at Ethan who was still staring at her like a lovesick puppy. She’d managed to wrap him around her little finger rather quickly. “Yes, thank you,” she replied, then took a sip of her drink. Those lush lips wrapped around the straw and I had to swallow hard to keep from groaning. How had little Lana McDaniel become so skilled in the ways of seducing a man?

“Lana mentioned we were giving her a ride to Ashton’s,” Ethan said and I tore my gaze off Lana and her straw to glare at him. Why I was glaring, I wasn’t sure. He’d done nothing wrong. He’d entertained Lana and made sure she felt comfortable at the table. Forcing my face to relax, I nodded. “Yeah, I figured since we were going that way I could take her and Jewel could continue on toward the beach.”

Ethan appeared a little too pleased. “Good idea,” he replied with a smile and leaned over to say something to Lana that caused her to grin.

Paying for the meal and getting out of there had been my number one priority. I was ready to send Jewel on her way. Girls who didn’t take a hint annoyed me. I signed the receipt and stuck my debit card back in my wallet.

“Here,” Jewel said in an unhappy tone as she handed the waitress her receipt and a twenty dollar bill.

“Ethan, no,” Lana’s voice broke into my thoughts and I watched as she frowned up at Ethan who was grinning in return.

“I need out. I’ve got to go to the restroom before I hit the road again,” Jewel said. I stood up and let her by but didn’t take my eyes off Lana and Ethan who appeared to be arguing or at least Lana looked like she was arguing and Ethan was enjoying himself.

“Those two are about to make me gag,” Jake muttered, getting out of the booth. “Besides, why the hell would he go and pay for the chick’s meal if he just met her? It ain’t like this is a date.”

He’d paid for her meal? Why hadn’t I thought of that? It was the polite thing to do. She was Ash’s cousin. I should have paid for it. Except, I’d been so focused on getting away from Jewel I hadn’t thought of anything else.

“Come on E, let’s roll,” Jake didn’t try to mask his annoyance. He must have struck out with Jewel.

Lana quickly scooted out of the booth and stood up. Ethan was right behind her with her small red purse in his hand.

“You forgot this,” he said as he stepped up behind her.

Lana flashed him a grateful smile and thanked him.

Stalking toward the door, I didn’t glance back to see if anyone was following me. I needed to get outside and get some fresh air before I went off on someone for absolutely no reason.

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