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Down on Me (Man of the Month #1)(3)
Author: J. Kenner

With effort, he forced the thoughts back. He'd already beaten that horse to death.

"Come on," he said, sliding one arm around her shoulder and pulling open the door with his other. "You're going to love it."

He led her inside, breathing in the familiar mix of alcohol, southern cooking, and something indiscernible he liked to think of as the scent of a damn good time. As he expected, the place was mostly empty. There was no live music on Sunday nights, and at less than an hour to closing, there were only three customers in the front room.

"Megan, meet Cameron," Reece said, pulling out a stool for her as he nodded to the bartender in introduction. Down the bar, he saw Griffin Draper, a regular, lift his head, his face obscured by his hoodie, but his attention on Megan as she chatted with Cam about the house wines.

Reece nodded hello, but Griffin turned back to his notebook so smoothly and nonchalantly that Reece wondered if maybe he'd just been staring into space, thinking, and hadn't seen Reece or Megan at all. That was probably the case, actually. Griff wrote a popular podcast that had been turned into an even more popular web series, and when he wasn't recording the dialogue, he was usually writing a script.

"So where's Mike? With Tyree?"

Cameron made a face, looking younger than his twenty-four years. "Tyree's gone."

"You're kidding. Did something happen with Mike?" His cousin was a responsible kid. Surely he hadn't somehow screwed up his first day on the job.

"No, Mike's great." Cam slid a Scotch in front of Reece. "Sharp, quick, hard worker. He went off the clock about an hour ago, though. So you just missed him."

"Tyree shortened his shift?"

Cam shrugged. "Guess so. Was he supposed to be on until closing?"

"Yeah." Reece frowned. "He was. Tyree say why he cut him loose?"

"No, but don't sweat it. Your cousin's fitting right in. Probably just because it's Sunday and slow. " He made a face. "And since Tyree followed him out, guess who's closing for the first time alone."

"So you're in the hot seat, huh? " Reece tried to sound casual. He was standing behind Megan's stool, but now he moved to lean against the bar, hoping his casual posture suggested that he wasn't worried at all. He was, but he didn't want Cam to realize it. Tyree didn't leave employees to close on their own. Not until he'd spent weeks training them.

"I told him I want the weekend assistant manager position. I'm guessing this is his way of seeing how I work under pressure."

"Probably," Reece agreed half-heartedly. "What did he say?"

"Honestly, not much. He took a call in the office, told Mike he could head home, then about fifteen minutes later said he needed to take off, too, and that I was the man for the night."

"Trouble?" Megan asked.

"No. Just chatting up my boy," Reece said, surprised at how casual his voice sounded. Because the scenario had trouble printed all over it. He just wasn't sure what kind of trouble.

He focused again on Cam. "What about the waitstaff?" Normally, Tiffany would be in the main bar taking care of the customers who sat at tables. "He didn't send them home, too, did he?"

"Oh, no," Cam said. "Tiffany and Aly are scheduled to be on until closing, and they're in the back with—"

But his last words were drowned out by a high-pitched squeal of "You're here!" and Reece looked up to find Jenna Montgomery—the woman he craved—barreling across the room and flinging herself into his arms.



Chapter Two



"I didn't think I'd see you until tomorrow." Excitement laced Jenna's voice, and she clung to him with gleeful ferocity. Her arms tightened around his neck, and her legs—strong from years of cycling the Austin hills—captured his waist with a vise-grip. "What a fabulous surprise!"

When she'd launched herself at him—her long, ginger hair flying behind her—he'd stumbled backward from the force of her enthusiasm, locking his arms around her in reflex. Now he continued to hold her tight, relishing this delicious, stolen moment with her curves pressed soft against him and her heartbeat reverberating through him. She was close enough that he could count her freckles, and her breath was intoxicating, smelling of lime and Corona and rum. Just like it had that night.

"Loaded Coronas," he murmured, his body tightening with the memory of that other time when he'd held her close and breathed that heady scent.

"Cam made me one." She loosened her grip, and all he had to do was let go so that she could slip out of his arms. It should have been easy. Instead, it felt as though he were holding a live wire, sparking all the wild and heated impulses he'd worked so hard to suppress.

She started to squirm, obviously intending to slide down his body, basically using him like a stripper pole. Not that Jenna would think of it that way. To her, she was just getting back on her feet. But in the process, she'd undoubtedly feel the evidence of the dangerous direction his mind was wandering.

That, he thought, would be a very bad thing.

So, with a heroic effort, he closed his hands around her waist and eased her to the ground, keeping enough distance between them that there was no contact between her body and his crotch.

"In fact," she continued, as if there'd been no gap at all in the conversation, "I think Cam needs to make me another." She winked at Reece, her green eyes twinkling. "They really are amazing."

"Amazing," he repeated, his eyes narrowing with both amusement and mock reprobation. "I seem to remember you telling me they were sneaky, dangerous drinks, and that I was an evil genius for thinking them up in the first place."

One shoulder lifted in a casual shrug as she headed toward the bar where Cameron was pouring the neck off of a fresh Corona before filling the space with rum. She wore her shoulder-length hair parted in the middle, and it fell like sheets of fire around her shoulders. "They are, and you are, and they're still damn delicious," Jenna announced. "Besides, my flight was horrible. I deserve this." She took the finished drink from Cam, pulled a long swallow, and made the kind of satisfied noise a man likes to hear from a woman in bed.

Reece shifted again, trying to dissuade his cock from leaping to attention, then felt a wash of metaphorical cold water splash over him when Megan came up beside him, her eyes dancing with amusement. "I'm guessing this is the friend who flew in tonight?"

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