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Taunting Krell (Cyborg Seduction #7)(7)
Author: Laurann Dohner

He turned his head to glance at another suited-up person. The sound of boots on the deck stopped behind her. She had been aware that two of them flanked her. Five in all surrounded her. He looked back at her.

“A what?”

“A puppy. You know. They are cute little animals and are good company. Real loyal. Speaking of which, is this all of you? You didn’t, by any chance, take the only survivor off the station, did you? Is she with you?”

“Perhaps the sight of the horror here has traumatized her,” the guy from her shuttle muttered as he drew closer. “Or her mask is low on oxygen. The smells are too overpowering from the dead for her to have removed it. She could be suffering confusion from hypoxia.” He paused. “You are the only female we found. We just arrived here.”

The male who seemed to be in charge answered Cyan. “No, we don’t want a puppy. What is your purpose here?”

She kept her smile in place while she glanced at the three in front of her. They weren’t carrying weapons. That left the two behind her who could be armed. She didn’t dare glance at them.

“Well, Belta Station sent out a distress signal and we knew how scary and super impressive you guys are. Earth wants to surrender to you. We give up. You win.” Her body tensed. “We’re waving a white flag.”

The second the words were out, she blindly threw her leg back where she knew one of them stood—from the sound of their breathing—and plowed into the crotch of the suited man in a lucky estimation that he stood the same height as the others. Her hand shot forward when she kicked back, shoving hard at the guy in front of her. He stumbled, clearly caught off guard, and Cyan spun. She barely registered where the second man who’d been behind her was located before she leapt at him, did a roundhouse kick, and her booted heel connected hard with his chest. He roared out and flew backward.

Cyan dived for her weapons on the floor. Her fingers curled around the handles but a massive weight crushed down over her. The breath exploded from her lungs as it was knocked out of her and two gloved hands tore at hers. The weapons were ripped away.

It shocked her that one of them had gotten the drop on her. They moved super fast to do that.

“Did you see that?” Another male voice gasped. “That was nearly beautiful. She’s quick and effective.”

“Tell that to Onyx. Are you well? It appears she didn’t miss your scrotum.”

Someone wheezed. “No. She did not. That hurts.”

The crushing weight on top of her sighed. “She’s an accurate fighter without even having to see her target. Earth is training humans much better these days.”

He shifted enough for Cyan to breathe and her starved lungs appreciated it. She pushed suddenly, knocked him off her back and rolled away. She flipped to her feet and spun, her fists going up. She glared at the five men.

“I don’t suppose you guys are into fair, are you? You know, just fight me one at a time?”

They stared at her silently. At least she assumed they did since all five masks faced her. She studied her reflection in their mirrored face shields. She looked small and not very threatening.

“You should have agreed to the puppy.” She rolled her shoulder that ached from the heavy guy who’d nearly flattened her. “Now you’re just going to have to settle for some serious ass whippings.” She winked. “I’m kinky that way. I hope all of you are male because I am not into women.”

“Is she serious? She wants to fight?” It was the guy she’d nailed in the nuts.

“I believe so.” The one who’d crushed her onto the floor moments before spoke. “I am Ice and you do not want to do this. We don’t wish to harm you. That’s why we aren’t drawing weapons. You may surrender without fear of death.”

“So polite for a crazy nut job. I heard you pirates were whacked out of your heads. Kudos to you for remaining sane.”

One of the men chuckled. “I like her.”

“Did you understand what she said, Sky?” Ice’s voice carried an annoyed tone.

“It’s slang. She’s congratulating us on not being insane.” The guy moved a little to her left. “I am Sky and we’re not pirates.”

“Shit.” Anger stirred. “Damn scavengers. I hate you assholes. I bet your mamas are so proud you grew up to go chase disasters just to make a buck. Now I won’t feel sorry when I bloody the shit out of you. I’ll even take you home to lock you up with pretty metals.”

Sky chuckled. “She’s adorable. She thinks we’re criminals who illegally steal parts off ships that have sustained damage. She wants to arrest us.”

Annoyance flashed fast and furiously inside Cyan. “So you aren’t pirates, you’re too tall and suited up to be crazy androids, and you aren’t scavengers? Who are you?” She ran her gaze over their suits. “You sure aren’t from the military. Those space suits were banned ten years ago, at least. They erode too easily in open space after a few hours and the seals sometimes blow at the neck joints from rapid decompression.”

Their leader, Ice, took a menacing step toward her and she reacted. One hand reached for the small of her back, wrapped around the knife she kept there, and grabbed hold of his suit at the arm. She jerked hard, pulled him toward her with all her strength, and knocked him off balance. He crashed to the floor on his knees and she twisted to stand behind him. The knife ended up against his throat while she glared at his four pals.

“I’ll decapitate him if any of you move.”

“Shit,” Sky gasped. “Who is she? She’s strong and fast.”

“Who are you?” She released the arm of her captive, certain the pressure of the knife at his throat would persuade the guy not to struggle and grabbed the connecter from the body of the space suit to his helmet. It popped loudly and she tore it over his head.

He’d be able to breathe but it sure wouldn’t smell pretty with the decaying corpses. She looked down at his unusual hair, mostly white with gray streaks, and she tilted forward enough to get a glimpse of his face.

Shock made her gasp. She threw the knife down and released him. The helmet she held in her other hand crashed to the floor too. She backed up, nearly tripped over her own feet, and her entire world seemed to crash in on her stunned brain.

“Cyborgs,” Cyan whispered.

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