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Taunting Krell (Cyborg Seduction #7)(9)
Author: Laurann Dohner

The cyborg stood. “You’re trying to confuse me. It’s the puppy game.”

She grinned. “No, but I thought you were space pirates when I said that. I heard they are nuts. I was just trying to confuse you if you’d been one of those mutated freaks. I needed you off guard to attack. You’re pretty smart to recognize what I was doing.”

“I’m a cyborg.”

“Right. Sorry. It’s been a really long time since I’ve talked to one of you.”

He advanced a threatening step forward. “When did you come into contact with a cyborg?”

Her mouth opened, she nearly told him the truth of who she was, but sudden pain jabbed her brain. She winced. “I can’t tell you that. It was a long while ago.”

He glared at the mirror wall. “Send him in. He’ll make her talk.”

Cyan wanted to curl into a ball. She really did hate torture but this would be extra hellish since she refused to fight back. Usually she’d kick someone’s ass for putting a finger on her. In training she’d beaten on any instructor stupid enough to try hands-on techniques of how to resist torture. Her hands fisted. No matter what, she had to keep her cool.

The door opened and she knew her suffering would begin. She turned her head to check out the cyborg intent on making her scream “mercy”. A tall gray-haired cyborg walked in. His hair made him appear older, the color of it aging him, but no wrinkles marred his handsome features. His strangely beautiful gaze held her attention captive. They were very pale blue with icy white specks in them and she wondered if he might be blind until they focused directly on her. He frowned.

“Look, sweetheart. I like you. You’ve got guts. Just tell Onyx everything he wants to know. You don’t want to meet Krell. He’s…cranky.” The cyborg with the familiar voice sighed. “To put it mildly.”

Onyx snorted. “That’s being kind, Sky.”

Sky glanced at the other male before looking back at Cyan. “He retired but the two males who usually interrogate prisoners are unavailable. One took time off after joining a family unit and the other one is cooling his heels inside a holding cell because he allowed his hatred for humans to make him screw up. Talk to me. When and where did you talk to another cyborg? Are cyborgs still being held in captivity on Earth?”

“As far as I know there aren’t any cyborgs left in Earth Government’s custody. I can assure you, if I had known about any of them, they wouldn’t be there. I’d have helped them escape.”

That seemed to shock the pale-eyed cyborg. “Why would you do that?”

“Would you believe me if I told you I’m pro-cyborg? I think what was done to your people had to be one of the biggest injustices in Earth’s history.”

“When did you speak to a cyborg? Where?” Sky took a threatening step toward her.

She tried to think of a way to answer without her brain seizing up. Anger at her father simmered yet again. He’d died just over a decade before but she still carried resentment over what he’d done to her. She had to forgive him overall though. He’d saved her and made her the way he had to keep her alive.

“It was a long time ago. Those cyborgs escaped Earth.”

“I want a year, all the details, and where did they go?”

“I have no idea where they ended up. I thought they’d died until I ran into you on Belta Station.”

“Year? Location on Earth?” Sky refused to give up.

She opened her mouth but another hot jab of pain sliced through her brain from even thinking about answering him when she realized she’d have to tell him who she once had been. “I can’t.”

The cyborg with the eerie yet beautiful eyes crouched before her but kept enough distance that he wasn’t within kicking reach of her boots. “Give me the year and the circumstances. Were they prisoners? Where were they held? How did they escape?”

The pain grew worse and her stomach pitched as memories filled her head. She locked down her emotions and sealed her lips together. She couldn’t answer. Some of the agony eased after she got control of the urge to blurt out the truth. Seconds ticked into minutes.

“Bring Krell in,” Sky muttered toward the glass wall to whoever stood behind it. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you, sweetheart. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I can’t stay here to watch this go down. It’s against my nature to see someone hurt a woman.” He straightened and met her gaze. “This is your last chance. Will you answer my questions?”

“I can’t,” she whispered honestly.

“Have it your way.” He paused in front of the door that slid then he disappeared around the corner.

Cyan braced for the worst. She’d never actually seen how they’d trained cyborgs when they’d been in captivity but she’d heard the rumors of what had been done to them. Some of the most brutal soldiers of Earth’s Government had been instructors. Of course they mostly showed cyborgs how to torment someone by doing the same to them. The sound of boots striking metal made her tense. Her attention focused on the open door. Whoever approached seemed angry by the way he stomped. The sound stopped.

“I don’t want to do this.” The harsh, raspy male voice terrified Cyan.

“Sorry, man,” Sky answered, “it’s not my call. She won’t talk and she knows something about cyborgs. We need that information. She’s refused to tell us when and where she had contact with our kind and we need dates to see if we can track them down. She’s a soldier from Earth Government if it helps. You should have seen her fight. She looks fragile but she shoved Onyx’s nuts into his stomach and took Ice to his knees and held a knife against his throat. She’s probably one of the best fighters I’ve seen so watch your crotch and throat.”

The scary voice growled. “Soldier? That helps. That means she’s the enemy.”

That deep, raspy voice sent chills down Cyan’s spine. He sounded terrifying, as if he weren’t a cyborg but more of a demon. His cold proclamation that she was the enemy didn’t bode well for her. She had a bad feeling he had learned a lot from the brutal soldiers who had once had them under their thumbs.

The cyborg who walked into the room had long, free-flowing black hair to his waist. He wore all black leather and his skin was a pale, lustrous silvery shade. She looked at his face. Scars marred his cheek in two places and there were a few more along his jawline. She finally met his gaze. Shock tore through her while she stared into icy blue eyes. Her breath froze inside her lungs and her heart accelerated so fast it felt as if it would pound out of her rib cage.

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